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Bachelor of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship)

The highly dynamic market, like nowadays, creates a wider choice of businesses and occupations. The popular profession for the new generation shifted from being a regular employee to being an entrepreneur. Also, the company requires their employees to think as entrepreneurs more than ever to ensure sustainable growth. These are the consequences of the government initiatives aiming to drive the Thai economy by supporting new businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. If you seek to apply entrepreneurial skills to exploit business opportunities or to the existing organisation, our program in Entrepreneurship may be a solution to these goals.

Currently, Entrepreneurship specialisation is conducted under the government’s Higher Education Sandbox Policy under collaboration with the Federation of Thai SME and National Innovation Agency. The course will be conducted using module system and the learner can graduate within 3 years 2 months


Our practical curriculum focuses on both academic and practical education. For academic education, we will provide a strong foundation background in business for the students through the courses, including Management, Marketing, Finance, and Accounting. Furthermore, the students will also learn how to create new products and services through our “Creativity & Innovation” and “New Product Development” courses. Moreover, the students will gain entrepreneurial skills through internships and entrepreneurial projects under supervision by experienced lecturers, entrepreneurs, and industrial leaders.

Our course is suitable for anyone interested in creating their own business, expanding a family business, or developing a new business for any organisation. The students will be equipped with the following skills:

  • Creativity and Innovative thinking skills
  • New products and services development skills
  • Marketing & Sales through digital channels and tools
  • Financial planning skills and pitching for funding
  • Communication, Presentation, and Negotiation skills

Candidate Qualifications

Admission Criteria

  • High school certificate (More 6) or equivalent OR High Vocational Certificate


Admission Method
Applicants may apply via our admission website. The qualified applicants will then be invited for an interview with the admission committee. The admission will be undergone between October and May of the following year.


Tuition Fee
29,500 baht* per academic semester
Please note that the fee can be changed later.


The internship is an important part of our curriculum. The students will be embarked on an internship at a reputable/leading organisation for at least 12 months (36 credits).


There is an outstanding academic scholarship (100% tuition fee waiver) for the candidate with high academic achievement. Alternatively, there are also other scholarships available for the candidates, such as

  • Tuition waivers and monthly allowance
  • Sport Scholarship
  • Merit-based scholarship
  • Need-based scholarship

Course Structure

Total required credit for graduation: 129 Credits
a. General Education Courses 33 Credits
b. Specific Requirement Courses: 90 Credits
c. Free Elective Courses: 6 Credits


What will you learn?

  • Develop entrepreneurial and business skills through a practical curriculum.
  • Shape business ideas of their own interest and make them happen by developing realistic business plans and pitching for funding to commercialise their business ideas.
  • Learning under close supervision from experienced lecturers and industrial leaders
  • Broaden your horizon through an internship at your preferred type of organisation.



  • To Equip our graduates with business knowledge with high practicability
  • To develop knowledgeable graduates who can explore and exploit business opportunities
  • To prepare our graduates with a life-long learning spirit to extend knowledge obtained from the faculty using various methods
  • To provide our graduates with high adaptability so that they can cope with the market dynamics, society, and technological changes


Your study journey during 4 years at CDTI

Year 1 : Foundation knowledge in business
Year 2 : Develop business ide
Year 3 : Analyse business information, develop, and present business plan
Year 4 : Obtaining entrepreneurial experiences through internship

Career Perspective

Graduate Destination
Our graduates with entrepreneurship specialisation will be equipped with entrepreneurial skills and mindsets, so they have a wide range of possible career destinations besides being an entrepreneur. The potential career destination can be, but not limit to:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Development Executives
  • Business Analyst
  • Modern Sales and Marketing Executive
  • Business Consultant
  • Freelance